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Friends of Riverside

Area: Dorset
Interest: Roads

Friends of Riverside are campaigning to protect Bournemouth's Green Belt at Riverside Avenue from damaging roads development. Help us protect this beautiful resource for future generations of people and wildlife to enjoy!

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January 2018: Friends of Riverside, Campaign for Better Transport and other groups have objected to the Wessex Field road development in Bournemouth: 

"The junction is on Green Belt, the new road will generate traffic and create a cut-through to Iford exacerbating air pollution, road injuries and ill-health... [The Council] has not fully (or even partially) considered any alternatives –  improved rail, trams, guided bus routes... Rather than out-of-town sprawl, the Council should develop sustainably: use existing parcels of undeveloped land near public transport; make more effort to use unoccupied town centre office space. Hospital transport needs could be met through sustainable modes and additional accesses from Castle Lane."

Read the objection in full.