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North Devon Public Transport Users Group

North Devon Public Transport Users Group logo

Area: Devon
Interests: Buses, rail

NDPTU is a voluntary think tank and campaigning body which exists to formulate ideas for the improvement of public transport in northern Devon and to bring suggestions to politicians, councils, service providers and the travelling public. We campaign for joined-up transport and good quality infrastructure. We endeavour to engage communities and decision makers in debate.
User-friendly public transport starts with good quality walking links, decent bus shelters, ease and value of ticketing, accessible and readable information, the ability to find a seat on a train or bus, good connectivity between transport modes, and a convenient frequency of service over a large part of the day.

Good public transport has wide benefits and is crucial for giving access to education, health facilities, employment and shopping; and enabling improved recreational access to tourism, beaches, hotels, restaurants and other attractions in Devon without inundating these attractions with traffic impacts such as even-worse congestion, pollution, car-parking problems and physical domination by traffic. Public transport can have a major role in protecting the district and communities from unwanted traffic growth and provides an alternative to driving for those who are for any reason (health, age, financial, legal) unable to drive or who prefer not to drive. 

NDPTU believes that if the experience of using public transport was optimised then many thousands more people would use it.

NDPTU website, including a 'Contact us' button.