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Save Our Buses Herefordshire

Photo: petition stall in Ross-on-Wye

Area: Herefordshire
Interest: Buses

We are a group that has sought to both raise awareness and fight the bus cuts in Herefordshire. We have done this by building alliances with local organisations and people in this county.

Since 2010 there has been a 49% cut in funding for buses in Herefordshire resulting in 13 routes being cut and the reduction of 31 services... and more cuts are threatened. Many communities rely on bus services in Herefordshire, including many people who do not have access to private transport such as those who are retired and/or on low incomes. Please sign our petition against further bus cuts in our county.

We recently made a video about bus cuts in Herefordshire with the help of 38 Degrees.

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Tel: 07938 809493