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Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth

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Area: Shropshire
Interests: Roads

Shropshire Council are proposing to build a North West 'Relief' Road from the Oxon Link Road (and the A5) to the west of Shrewsbury with the Battlefield Link Rd to the north.

Our Objections...

1. It would be hugely expensive. £104 million plus, at least £21m of this would need to be found locally. Plus 100% of any overspend and overspends are very common on such complicated engineering projects.

2. It's unnecessary. There are much easier, more effective, cheaper and less damaging ways to control traffic flows.

3. It wouldn’t work. The Council assert that some roads would lose 30% of their traffic if the road was built but this is highly optimistic and traffic would soon build up again. Traffic on other roads, including Huffley Lane, would increase by 30%.

4. It would be extremely damaging to important and beautiful landscapes and wildlife. It would carve up irredeemably the highly valuable green wedge of the Old River Bed, with a huge inclined bridge over the river at Shelton Roughs affecting the Mount, Shelton and the Berwick Estate.

5. It would lead to an increase in overall traffic levels and do nothing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Please get in touch and help us fight this road.

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