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South Yorkshire Freedom Riders

Photo: South Yorkshire Freedom Riders

Area: South Yorkshire
Interests: Bus, rail

South Yorkshire Freedom Riders were formed in February 2014. This was to protest at cuts in South Yorkshire travel concessions for elderly and disabled people starting at the end of March.

We had been able to use our bus passes all day from 9am and on local trains in South and West Yorkshire.

On 31 March we held our first Freedom Ride taking a train from Barnsley to Meadowhall Centre, refusing to pay and showing our passes.

After several Freedom Rides the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive backtracked. They brought back free train travel for disabled people and half price train travel for elderly people in South Yorkshire.

We are still campaigning for the return of free train travel - seeking parity with pensioners in London, Liverpool, Manchester and the West Midlands.

We have also sought extra concessions from local bus companies. A number of local companies have agreed that elderly people can travel before 9.30am for a flat £1 fare. Stagecoach have agreed that anyone with an early hospital appointment can travel free before 9.30am.

We hope that pensioner groups can share knowledge of the benefits that different areas have won and try to make these national improvements.

Contact: George Arthur
Tel: 07985 028003
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