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Travel Log Lewes

Photo: cycling in Lewes

Area: East Sussex
Interests: Bus, Rail, Cycling

Travel Log Lewes is a website promoting sustainable transport and recreation in Lewes, East Sussex, and in the surrounding areas. Trains, buses, cycling and walking are all promoted and information about cheapest train and bus tickets, local bus routes, local walks and cycle rides and sustainable holiday ideas all feature. You can find details of local campaigns. You can also download a London to Paris via Lewes cycle ride and walks in other interesting places away from the Lewes area. There is even an article on how to escape from Bluewater shopping centre...

Contact: Chris Smith
Tel: 01273 483869
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Latest news

March 2018: Buses and rail, cycling and walking are all covered in the March newsletter.

January 2018: Here is the January newsletter.

December 2017: Here is an extra December newsletter.

December 2017: Here is the December newsletter.

November 2017: Here is an extra November newsletter.

November 2017: Here is the November newsletter.

October 2017: Here is the October newsletter.

September 2017: Here is the September newsletter.

March 2017: There's a proposal to tackle pavement parking, inspiration to get your bike out, rail and bus news and a whole lot more in the latest newsletter

February 2017: Do you walk through the Clevedon flats, to get to the bus stop, walk the dog or for any other reason? You might not be able to do that much longer unless you take action now. Find out the details in the latest Travel Log Lewes newsletter, with much more besides. 

January 2017: Travelman says 'Happy New Year'! How about making a New Year's resolution to use your local buses more? This - and much more - in the latest newsletter.

December 2016: Here is Travel Log Lewes' newsletter for December.

November 2016: Chris Smith, founder of Travel Log Lewes, is speaking at an event called "End of the Line: time to renationalise the railways?". Find out about this and much more in the latest newsletter.

November 2016: Have you tried to use the bridleway past Lewes racecourse buildings since June and found most of it fenced off? Here's a way to state your objection.

October 2016: For news about the future of Southern rail services, some beautiful walks and fascinating local history questions, here's Travel Log Lewes' latest newsletter.

September 2016: Read the latest newsletter to find out about a Flash Mob taking place this month to protest against disruptions on local rail services... and much more news besides. 

August 2016: Here is Travel Log Lewes' main newsletter for August, followed by two extra newsletters (extra newsletter 1; extra newsletter 2).

July 2016: Travel Log Lewes has put out an extra newsletter this month after Southern introduced a reduced timetable. Lots of useful info about train times and your rights to refunds etc.

July 2016: All the latest news and views can be found in the new newsletter from Travel Log Lewes.

June 2016: Travelman's latest newsletter has some brilliant new bike rides and walks, as well as news on proposals to change the way that country parks and rights of way are managed in East Sussex.

May 2016: Here is the latest newsletter from Travel Log Lewes.

April 2016: This extra newsletter for April details bus fare increases for Lewes.

April 2016: Thinking of getting back on your bike this spring? The latest newsletter from Travel Log Lewes might inspire you.

March 2016: Lewes station ticket office is under threat. The railway company proposes that the ticket office should be open only from 7-10am Monday to Saturday. Find out more in the latest newsletter from Travel Log Lewes.

March 2016: The March newsletter continues the saga of the hapless Southern Railway website, with worrying news of ticket office closures to exacerbate the problem. And much more besides...

January 2016: Another brilliant newsletter from Travel Log Lewes, including a fascinating request for anyone with an interest in local history - could you help to identify possible unrecorded rights of way?

January 2016: The January newsletter includes seven reasons why the Southern Rail website is a disaster. The worst is that it often overcharges for tickets. On a happier note there are some enjoyable walks and cycle rides for January. 

December 2015: Victory on Cockshut Lane! After 217 letters of objection were received the application to allow commercial vehicles on the Lewes end of Egrets way has been refused by planners. This is great news for people looking to walk, cycle or to ride disability scooters from the Stanley Turner Ground into Lewes. Find out all about this - and other news - in Travelman's latest newsletter.

November 2015: Unbelievably, officers have recommended that lorries be ALLOWED to continue using the proposed walking and cycling route along Cockshut Lane. Come along to the council meeting and object! Find the full details here.

November 2015: Read the November newsletter from Travel Log Lewes.

October 2015: The Cockshut Lane cycleway is again under threat - it may be opened up to motor vehicles if we don't object. Find out more.

October 2015: Read the latest newsletter from Travel Log Lewes.

September 2015: September's newsletter has details of the latest bus cuts and timetable changes in the area, as well as some enjoyable walks and cycle rides.

August 2015: Discover the secret paths of Lewes in this month's newsletter.

July 2015: In the latest newsletter from Travel Log Lewes, find out about a new travelcard for people who work in Brighton & Hove, and potential cuts by East Sussex County Council.

June 2015: The latest newsletter has info about the Lewes Hike and Bike Festival and much more.

May 2015: The decline of the 'through ticket' is leading to bus fare anarchy! Find out about this and much more in the May newsletter.

April 2015: There's good and bad bus news - and much more - in Travelman's April newsletter.

March 2015: Here is a bonus extra March newsletter from Travel Log Lewes.

The March newsletter from Travel Log Lewes is packed with news on bus passes and fares, footpaths, cycle events, holiday ideas and much more.

February 2015: Popular cycling and walking route Cockshut Lane is under threat. Find out what you can do in Travelman's latest newsletter.

February 2015: Bus cuts and rail fares, walks and bike rides, find out what's going on in the Travel Log Lewes newsletter.

January 2015: A number of councillors have requested that the recent bus cuts decision be 'called in' for scrutiny. Find out more in the newsletter.

December 2014: Extra newsletter. In a move which many people will think shows that democracy is vanishing, a small committee of Conservative council members has decided to cut bus services despite the full council voting against this move and despite over 3,000 responses to a consultation, most of which opposed the cuts. The group has also decided to ignore a petition of over 6,000 signatures. Find out more in this extra newsletter.

December 2014: In a sensational vote at full council today, East Sussex County Councilors voted against bus cuts! Find out all the details in the Travel Log Lewes newsletter

November 2014: Extra newsletter! On 2 December, join us outside an East Sussex council meeting to lobby members about bus cuts. Plus news about the Firle Estate, which has obtained exemption from inheritance tax partly in return for allowing public access. But are two short footpaths really enough access for walkers? Find out more in the newsletter.

November 2014: "Sometimes if feels like every time you turn around, something worthwhile is being cut or closed. You don't have to take it lying down." Find out what you can do about local bus cuts in the latest Travel Log Lewes newsletter. Other news includes a lovely new woodland walk accessible by public transport.

October 2014: Travel Log Lewes is supporting a grand 'Love Your Bus' rally and presentation, 11am on Saturday 8 November in the pedestrianised Lewes shopping precinct. Find out about this and much more in the latest Travel Log Lewes newsletter.