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Transition Exeter Transport Group

Area: Devon
Interests: Aviation, Bus, Cycling, Rail

Transition Exeter Transport Group is pursuing a transition in Exeter to sustainable forms of transportation. This will help mitigate climate change, and build resilience against the threat of peak oil, a threat that is being so keenly felt right now. Exeter is well placed to do this. It is a compact city with good walking and cycling routes, and the city centre is well served by public transport. Although we have not been going long, we have many exciting projects on the table, including:

  • Carfree Day: An exciting project to attempt to close down a major arterial traffic route and replace it with a street fair.
  • Commuter Challenge: Testing how long different modes of transport take to complete various commuter routes around Exeter and disseminating the information effectively to change behaviour.
  • Historical Journeys: A project to link existing sustainable commuter routes (footpaths, cycle paths etc) with local history to add new dimensions to the way we interact with our commutes.
  • Corporate Games: Engaging with large employers in Exeter and establishing a competition between them to attempt to promote and increase usage of sustainable modes of transport.
  • Pub Quiz: Organising low carbon pub quizzes around Exeter.
  • Lobbying and grassroots action: Meeting with representatives at the councils and cross fertilising with other local campaigning groups (e.g. Exeter Cycle Forum) to address key local issues.

We meet monthly and everyone's welcome; get in touch for details.

Contact: Sue Kay
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