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Autumn Statement response

5 December 2012
Campaign for Better Transport has responded to the Autumn Statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Richard Hebditch, Campaigns Director for Campaign for Better Transport said

“The government's great plan was to use private finance to build roads. The reality is a damp squib, but other vital budgets are being cut to pay for damaging roads schemes."

“Maintaining our roads should always be the priority over new building. We’re pleased the Chancellor has heeded our call for better maintenance to do just this. The £330m earmarked for this is a start but must be used to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians too.”

"The decision to cancel the road fuel duty increase due in January is in sharp contrast with what will be the 10th year of above inflation rises in rail fares beginning the same month. The Government must commit to ending above inflation fares rises within this Parliament."

"Decisions about transport spending need to be based on solid evidence. Handing over money to unaccountable and unelected Local Enterprise Partnerships could lead to schemes going forward on the basis of which business is best connected rather than what is most needed."