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Campaigners welcome London fares freeze and free travel for young children

12 November 2015

Campaign for Better Transport responds to today’s fares announcements.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, announced a real terms fares freeze on Transport for London (TfL) services and the introduction of free travel for children on National Rail services in the capital from 2 January 2016. 

Martin Abrams from Campaign for Better Transport said: “At a time when commuters in London are finding it increasingly difficult to afford the cost of their daily travel it is welcome news that fares on TfL services across the capital are being held in line with inflation. The introduction of free travel for children under the age of eleven is also welcome and is something that should be adopted across the whole rail network.

“We can see from TFL figures that the number of people who benefited from last year’s Oyster Pay as You Go fares cap is greater than expected which proves the case for a better deal for part-time workers in London and across the whole of the UK.

"The Oyster smartcard is a simple, effective way for people to pay for their travel and is clearly driving growth in passenger numbers across London. It is now time for the Department for Transport and Train Operators to catch up and ensure people across the whole country can use a travelcard that gives them a good deal on all public transport.” 


For further information please contact:

Richard Watkins, Press Officer, at Campaign for Better Transport on 020 7566 6494 or richard.watkins@bettertransport.org.uk



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