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Campaigners respond to new data on railway finances

16 April 2014
Campaign for Better Transport has responded to the publication of GB rail industry financial information 2012-13 by the Office of Rail Responsibility.

James MacColl, Campaigns Director, Campaign for Better Transport said

"The clear lesson from the ORR's statistics is that passengers numbers have increased fastest where there are convenient services, modern trains and decent station facilities. The challenge for Government and the rail industry is to make those standards the norm across the rail network."

"Passengers are contributing a record amount to our railways with income from fares forecast to outstrip total running costs over the next Parliament. The way to keep our railways growing is to permanently end annual above inflation fares hikes, invest in getting more people onto the network with new stations and give passengers a bigger say in how services are run."

Selected findings from the ORR research include:

  • The railways cost £12.3bn to run in 2012 - up 2.1%. The increase is almost entirely due to increasing passenger numbers. After adjusting for this, the ORR reports industry expenditure increased by 0.2% from 2011-12 and fell by 6.2% compared with 2010-11.
  • Total passenger income was a record £7.7bn in 2012-13.
    Passengers contribute an increasing proportion of the rail industry’s costs - 62.6% (2012-13). This compares with 61.7% (2011-12) and 58.5% (2010-11.
  • Government funding for the railways was £4.0bn in 2012-13, a real terms annual decrease of 4.2% on the previous year and 9.1% from 2010-11.
  • Passenger income per km differs little between operators - London Overground received the highest (£0.16 per km)and Merseyrail the lowest (£0.07 per passenger km)
  • In real terms, government funding of Network Rail decreased by 2.5% from 2011-12 and by 0.2% from 2010-11.
  • Average fares per km were up 4.8% in 2012-11 compared with the previous year.

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