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Campaigners criticise Government roads plans as 'policy from the 1980s'

16 July 2013
Campaign for Better Transport has criticised the Government's Action for Roads plan as a return to environmentally destructive predict and provide road building abandoned 30 years ago in the face of widespread opposition.

Richard Hebditch, Campaigns Director, Campaign for Better Transport said

"By proposing to spend billions on new roads, Action for Roads reads like transport policy from 30 years ago. The reality today is that traffic is either stable or falling. We should be investing more to tackle the poor state of our local roads and supporting sustainable alternatives so people are able to leave their cars at home."



1. Department for Transport statistics show that road traffic is largely stable or falling:


  • The amount of miles travelled on the UK's strategic road network is virtually unchanged since 2006
  • Miles travelled on all roads is unchanged in the last 4 years and is now lower than 10 years ago
  • Volume of traffic on strategic roads has been stable since 2006
  • Volume of traffic across all roads is the same now as in 2002.

(data from Action for Roads, Department for Transport, 2013)


2. Campaign for Better Transport worked with environment and conservation groups including The Wildlife Trusts, Campaign to Protect Rural England and Greenpeace to highlight the implications of a return to major road building. Earlier today (16 July), a map of these impacts was published on the Campaign for Better Transport website.