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Campaigners welcome move to reduce cost of rail commuting

16 September 2013
Campaign for Better Transport has welcomed the announcement by the Transport Minister of steps to help reduce the cost of commuting by rail.

Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive, Campaign for Better Transport, said: “Today’s announcement is good news for thousands of part-time workers who rely on the train to get to work and currently have no option but to pay full fare. Introducing part-time season tickets will help provide the flexibility and affordability workers want and the economy needs. We need to quickly learn the lessons from these trials and move to ensuring that part-time season tickets are available on all lines."

"This announcement is recognition that commuters are a key vote for all the parties in the run up to the General Election. However, with rail fares still too expensive overall, commuters will continue to ask when will the Government bring the decade long policy of above inflation fare rises to an end?”

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Norman Baker MP announced two trial schemes:


  • Part-time season tickets to take place on a London commuter line
  • 'Shoulder pricing' of tickets to create a mid-price fare between peak and off-peak 

The move comes ahead of the publication of the Government's Fares and Ticketing Review. 



1. Read Norman Baker's comments to the London Evening Standard ahead of a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Glasgow here

2. Figures from the Office of National Statistics show over 8 million people now work part time. This number has increased by nearly 1 million in the last 10 years

3. Statistics from the Department for Transport show all 10 of the busiest commuters services operate on lines serving London. The most recent figures reveal the busiest service to be the 7.44am Henley on Thames to London Paddington. This carried 190 more passengers than maximum allowable capacity.

4. A Campaign for Better Transport briefing on the Fares and Ticketing Review is available here