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HGV Road User Levy Bill a missed opportunity

23 October 2012
The Campaign for Better Transport has welcomed the publication of the HGV Road User Levy Bill (1), and the plan to introduce charges for all HGVs weighing 12 tonnes or more using UK roads. However, it said the Bill was a missed opportunity to introduce proper distance-based charging for lorries, as most of the rest of Europe is now doing.

Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive of the Campaign for Better Transport said

“The Bill is a step in the right direction, but by going for daily charges rather than a distance-based system, the Government has missed an opportunity to charge foreign lorries properly and make our freight transport better and more sustainable. Most other European countries are opting for distance charges for lorries - this levy leaves us out of step with much of Europe.”

Notes to Editors
1. The HGV Road User Levy Bill was announced in a written statement on the Department for Transport website.

2. The Campaign for Better Transport's report on lorry charging is available on the CBT website.