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Campaigners comment on increase in cycling to work

26 March 2014
Campaign for Better Transport has commented on the release of statistics by the ONS on cycling to work and distance travelled to work.

James MacColl, Campaigns Director, Campaign for Better Transport said

"It's no coincidence that cycling rates are increasing fast in places like Cambridge and York. They are seeing the benefit of year-on-year investments in cycling, making them more attractive places to live and work. But there are far too many places where sustainable transport is under represented in terms of planning and funding, meaning potential journeys are taken by car instead. This worsens congestion and pollution, and can deter investment too."

James MacColl also commented on statistics showing increasing average travel to work times

"People are travelling further to get to work, but this doesn't need to mean more cars and congestion. We need policies and investment in public transport, cycling and walking facilities to give people a choice in how they make these journeys, and support the growth in home working."


1. Office for National Statistics has published analysis of travel to work based on the 2011 census. Further information on cycling to work and average distance travelled to work are available from the ONS website.