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Fuel duty rise postponed, but rail passengers face more bad news this August

26 June 2012
Following the Chancellor's earlier statement on fuel duty, Richard Hebditch, Campaign for Better Transport's campaigns director, said:

"The Chancellor has been quick to agree to Ed Balls' call to postpone the rise in fuel duty but at the same time he’s refusing to change his mind about the planned hike in rail fares by 3% above inflation, which will be confirmed in August. We think George Osborne should listen to his own colleague Justine Greening on rail fares, who has been reported as calling for a switch to lower fare rises, rather than just listening to his opposite number. Hard pressed commuters face paying hundreds of pounds more for their commute as a direct result of the government’s policy to raise fares by so much.”

Notes to Editors

1. On 14 August, the RPI inflation figure for July will be announced, which will be used to set the rise in regulated train fares for next year. If the Government maintains the current formula for setting fares, passengers will be paying 6 per cent more for most tickets when the change comes into effect in January 2013. With the “flex” allowed to individual rail companies, this could mean some commuters paying 11% more next year.

2. Press coverage on Justine Greening private calls for lower rail fare rises: Telegraph, January 2012 and Telegraph, April 2012.