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Campaigners respond to new railcard announcement

28 February 2014
Campaign for Better Transport has responded to the announcement that a new 'Two-Together' railcard will be introduced from 3 March.

Martin Abrams, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport said

"The Two-Together Rail Card is a very welcome step and will be a real help for train users. It also goes someway toward giving passengers what they really want - a national railcard that anyone can use. Making rail travel more affordable for everyone should be a top priority for industry and government. However, there remain big issues with rail fares, including the sometimes glacial progress with flexible ticketing and season tickets for part-time workers."


The new Two-Together railcard will be available from 3 March and will give a third off most train fares for pairs of passengers traveling together. This will partly fill the gap in discount rail travel, currently only available to young people, those travelling with children, aged over 60, or in the military.

The card will cost £30 a year and will entitle the holder to one-third off many Standard and First Class Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Advance fares, across the national rail network.

Further details about the railcard are available from the Association of Train Operating Companies.