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Budget reaction: Scrappage scheme subsidises gas-guzzlers

22 April 2009
The car scrappage scheme was slammed by Campaign for Better Transport.

Executive director Stephen Joseph said:

"This scheme has no environmental criteria, so it won’t result in greener cars. And it won’t even help save British jobs – it’ll subsidise cars made abroad. The Government says it wants to cut carbon emissions, but in practice it is subsidising gas-guzzlers. Instead of the scrappage scheme, the Government should have supported local transport projects such as trams in Liverpool, road maintenance and cycling schemes to safeguard skilled 'green collar' jobs in Britain."

Commenting on the fuel duty increases, Mr Joseph said:

"It’s right that tax rises should target pollution, but the money raised must be used to invest in alternatives. Money from fuel and aviation tax increases should be used to cut public transport fares and invest in improvements – these would help people to green their travel and create jobs now."