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Railway reforms must protect the interests of passengers

7 December 2010
Reacting to the Government's planned reforms to the railway industry, Alexandra Woodsworth, Public Transport Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport, said:

"Passengers will judge new franchises on whether services run reliably and punctually and the trains and stations are clean and attractive. The Government must ensure that franchise agreements contain the right incentives and controls so that the interests of passengers are not sacrificed.

"The Government is right to look at reducing the costs of the railway, but it must confirm that any cost savings will be used to limit its planned fare increases from 2012."

Notes to Editors

1. Regulated fares will rise by an average of 5.8% in January 2011, up to a maximum of 12.8%. Unregulated fares will rise at the discretion of train companies.

2. Regulated rail fares are set to rise even higher in January 2012, up to inflation plus 3%. Campaign for Better Transport research shows that under these plans tickets will be 31% higher by the end of 2015.