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Fare reductions: too little, too late

1 January 2010
Campaign for Better Transport has reacted to the fare changes being introduced on 2 January 2010 by calling on the Government to review rail fares regulation and cut fares to the European average. [1]

The group’s public transport campaigner Cat Hobbs said: "Regulated fares will fall by 4p for every £10 paid. [2] This is too little, too late for passengers who are already paying hundreds of pounds more because of the Government’s policy of increasing fares. [3] UK train fares are already 20% higher than the European average so the Government needs to make serious cuts to make taking the train affordable." [4]

Notes to editors
1) UK train fares are around 20% higher than the European average (Transport Costs and Carbon Emissions, Steer Davies Gleave, 2008).

2) The change in the price of regulated fares from 2 January is based on the previous July’s RPI rate of inflation. Prices will fall slightly this year because July’s inflation rate was below zero at -1.4% and fares are pegged to rise 1% above inflation. This means a one-off reduction in regulated fares of -0.4%.

3) Our research shows that passengers are already paying around 15% more for their season tickets because the Government changed the way fares are regulated in 2004.

4) Campaign for Better Transport is campaigning for the Government to review and cut train fares to make it easier for people to choose the green option instead of driving or flying.