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Regional transport spending announcement: Government avoiding difficult decisions

22 July 2009
Today's announcement [1] that the Government has approved billions of pounds for regional transport spending misleads communities and won’t solve transport problems, the Campaign for Better Transport said.

Richard George, the group's roads and climate campaigner, said:

"The Government is wilfully misleading councils across England, promising them money for road schemes that it knows it can’t afford and delaying the difficult decisions until after the next election. We all know that budgets cuts will have to be made, but instead of requiring councils to investigate realistic and affordable alternatives the Government is avoiding the difficult decisions in a desperate bid for positive headlines.

"Even if we could afford them, I can’t see why we’d want to. Many of these schemes are a terrible waste of money and cannot be delivered on time or on budget. Promising to spend £4 billion on road building just after announcing a carbon reduction strategy shows that this Government is still not taking its climate change commitments seriously."

Note to editors
The Department for Transport issued press releases today about regional funding allocations (RFA). Further information about the RFA process can be found in a briefing we produced on 14 July.