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Government approves massive traffic boost at Brent Cross

16 June 2010
Campaign for Better Transport condemned the Government decision to allow the expansion of Brent Cross to go ahead without a public inquiry.

The scheme will increase parking spaces at Brent Cross from 7,500 to 20,000, and will mean increased traffic congestion across a wide area of north-west London.

Richard Bourn, London Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport, said:

“Major developments should reduce car dependency and improve public transport. The Brent Cross project falls short on both counts.

“In transport terms, the Brent Cross plans are a disaster. If these plans were a car, it would be a gas-guzzling throwback to the 1950s, introduced just when we need low-carbon, community-friendly design.  

“Regressive plans like this lock the community into a cycle of car dependency, with all the increased local air pollution and traffic congestion that entails.”

Notes to Editors
A report on the Brent Cross and Battersea Power Station plans is available.  

Further information appears in our Campaign Director's blog