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New rail timetables – Passengers could be left stranded, warn campaigners

18 May 2018

Changes to the rail network timetable could mean passengers are left standing confused on the platform when they head back to work on Monday morning, as their train passes them by or doesn't arrive at all.

Steve Chambers, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport, said:

“When people return to work after a weekend of Royal Wedding celebrations they could have a nasty surprise when they see their train is no longer running at its usual time due to unexpected timetable changes.

“These changes are a culmination of many years of investment and planning. They need to come into force, and many passengers will see benefits from the big timetable changes coming on Monday, with more and longer trains. But some are going to lose out - and we're concerned that the rail industry isn't using up to date technology to talk to passengers, alert them to changes coming and get their views. 

“As a result, many passengers will find their normal trains have changed and could be left stranded. In addition, in some areas, delays to works on the tracks, such as electrification, will mean services getting worse, even though eventually the works will mean better services, especially in the North. 

“The rail industry needs to get better at communicating changes to passengers, and start the process early by involving communities and passengers in shaping their services. We need to see the introduction of long promised smart tickets across the rail network holding personalised information which can notify passengers of changes to their journey, as used successfully by C2C trains.

“As with other modern communications, passengers should always be able to receive accurate, up to date information, to keep them informed of changes to their journey."

Campaign for Better Transport is calling on train operators to improve communications to passengers so they have plenty of advance warning of disruption to their journeys.


For further information please contact the press office on 07984 773 468 or communications@bettertransport.org.uk

Notes to Editors

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