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Investment plans welcomed but passengers will pay more for worse service

25 November 2010
Reacting to the Government’s rail investment announcement, Campaign for Better Transport welcomed the commitment to new trains and extra capacity, but said that commuters will be paying eye-watering fares increases with no relief from overcrowding for years to come.

Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport, Stephen Joseph, said: “We strongly welcome Government commitments to rail investment, but passengers have heard such promises before. The reality is that, for the immediate future, passengers face huge real fare increases along with continued overcrowding and in some cases poor facilities. The Coalition promised fair fares in its agreement – this must be backed up with guaranteed investment to tackle overcrowding now, rather than future promises which risk being broken before 2015.”

He concluded: “Promises of ‘jam tomorrow’ are no comfort for passengers who are ‘jammed today’ and are expected to pay more for it.”
Notes to editors

1. Regulated fares will rise by an average of 5.8% in January 2011, up to a maximum of 10%. Unregulated fares will rise at the discretion of train companies.

2. Regulated rail fares are set to rise even higher in January 2012, up to inflation plus 3%. Campaign for Better Transport research shows that tickets will be 31% higher by the end of 2015, which on many key commuter routes translates to £1,000 extra for a season ticket.