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Reaction to Government’s urban transport report

3 November 2009
Reacting to today’s Government report on urban transport [1], Campaign for Better Transport calls on the Government to do more to help local authorities to improve transport. 

Richard Hebditch, the group’s campaigns director, said:

“The Government urgently needs to set out a new policy direction on transport in urban areas and we’re very pleased that the Strategy Unit’s urban transport report begins to do that. It shows how important a good transport system is for the health and quality of life of people living in towns and cities. But the Government needs to challenge local authorities more to improve transport and equip local transport authorities with the powers, funding and capability to really make a difference on transport.”

Notes to editors
[1] Transport Minister Sadiq Khan today launched the report on urban transport carried out by the Cabinet Office’s Strategy Unit, called An Analysis of Urban Transport.

The report is the first major piece of work on Government policy on transport in urban areas after the failure of the referendum in Manchester on congestion charging. The report is also expected to make the case for more investment in walking and cycling, and to set out new research on the health benefits of increased physical activity through more active travel, ahead of the Department for Transport’s active travel strategy due in December.

The aim of the Strategy Unit report has been to understand how transport can best be used to make urban areas more successful in the light of the failure to get approval for the Manchester congestion charging proposal under the Government’s Transport Innovation Fund.