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20mph limits are essential for a modern city

7 April 2008
Campaign for Better Transport [1] called on the other Mayoral candidates to endorse the policy set out today by Ken Livingstone in favour of 20mph limits for all residential roads in London [2].

Richard Bourn, Campaign for Better Transport’s London Campaigner, said: "The candidates from the main political parties have all said they want to see more walking and cycling. In European cities with the highest levels of walking and cycling, 30kph (or 18mph) limits are the norm. Progressive transport policies and lower speed limits go together. If the Mayoral candidates are serious about promoting walking and cycling they must also sign up to lower speed limits.

"Lower speed limits are also essential for cutting casualties. Research by TRL for Transport for London found that fatal or serious injuries to road users were more than halved in areas where 20mph limits had been introduced [3]. But the whole of London deserves safer streets: in 2006, 231 people were killed and 3,715 seriously injured on London’s roads [4]. These figures are unacceptably high."

Notes for editors

[1] Campaign for Better Transport works to secure transport policies and programmes that improve people’s quality of life whilst reducing environmental impact.

[2] http://www.kenlivingstone.com/media/ken_sets_out_plan_for_20mph_limit_to_save_lives_on_londons_roads

[3] http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/corporate/ResearchSummaryNo2_20mphZones.pdf

[4] http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/casualties_in_greater_london_during_2006.pdf