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CO2 congestion charge: Porsche is an anachronism

3 April 2008
It's little wonder that Porsche opposes the £25 CO2 related congestion charge planned for London when 43 of the 45 models it produces would be liable to pay it [1]. This was the response of Campaign for Better Transport [2] to the announcement that Porsche has lodged papers in court to challenge the CO2 charge through a judicial review [3].

"The Mayor and TfL are quite right to introduce this new charge," commented Richard Bourn, the London Campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport. "It's a positive move towards tackling climate change and is supported by the majority of Londoners [4]. Porsche needs to move into the modern age, follow the example of other car manufacturers, give up gas guzzling and start making cars that use much less fuel."

Notes for editors

[1] http://stopurban4x4s.blogspot.com/2008/02/legal-challenge-by-porsche-highlights.html. At the moment 17% of the cars driving in the congestion charge zone and 25% of the cars owned by residents of the charge zone are in Band G and liable for the £25 charge. Transport for London expects the number of Band G cars driving in the zone to be significantly cut over time.

[2] Campaign for Better Transport works to secure transport policies and programmes that improve people’s quality of life whilst reducing environmental impact.

[3] http://www.porschejudicialreview.co.uk/news.php

[4] http://www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=14974