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MPs share Transport 2000's concerns about Olympic transport plan

20 February 2007
Transport 2000’s [1] concerns about the Olympic transport plan were endorsed today by the House of Commons Transport Committee’s report on the Olympics.[2]

Richard Bourn, Transport 2000’s London Campaigner, said:

"This is supposed to be the sustainable Olympics. Obviously, the Olympic planners have to get transport right. They have not done this – but it’s not too late. We hope they’ll take up the recommendations in today’s committee report."

The report, noting that the 2012 games aim to be environmentally sustainable, expresses concern that transport arrangements are not further advanced and that contingency plans are not being made in case of a partial failure of the transport system.

The report is also critical of the Olympic planners for not making the most of river transport and of vagueness about park and ride plans which could encourage car use and work against environmental objectives. Furthermore, the report criticises the Olympic Transport Plan for being likely to leave a poor transport legacy which, in particular, does not maximise walking and cycling.

In its comments on the draft transport plan, Transport 2000 expressed concern about proposed car use by the Olympic organisers and staff, saying that the organisers should lead by example and travel without cars, like most of the spectators.

Transport 2000 also felt that the proposed park and ride sites would mean far more people making part of the journey to the games by car than needed to be the case. Transport 2000 was also worried about poor provision for walking and cycling and whether the Olympics would be able to deliver a pattern of development in which many journeys could be made on foot and by bicycle.

Notes for editors

[1] Transport 2000 is an independent campaigning and research body that represents the key transport interests of around 40 environmental groups, transport organisations and transport unions. We bring together people who seek to reduce the environmental and social effects of transport through encouraging less use of cars, lorries and planes and more use of rail, buses, trams, cycling and walking.

[2] Transport Committee Report: Transport for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games the draft transport plan was published 20 February by the Transport Select Committee