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Action, not just words, needed to deliver sustainable transport

1 July 2008
Campaign for Better Transport welcomed the Government’s progress reports [1] on transport policy published today but said that Ministers must take action now to address the challenges identified. Executive Director Stephen Joseph said:

“The progress reports show the real challenges Government faces in sorting out transport problems and point towards some of the solutions. But transport users and the country cannot wait: we need improved travel choices now. In particular we need action on:


  • Commuting: the Government analysis shows that a quarter of carbon emissions comes from commuting journeys, especially long distance. Businesses should be given tax incentives so their employees can get real alternatives to single occupancy car commuting
  • Freight: 30% of CO2 UK transport emissions are from freight transport – the Government has to do more to get goods off the roads and on to the railways, and to reduce lorry mileage
  • Public transport: the reports show that many people would use public transport more if it were more frequent and cheaper.

“The reports show that under the Climate Change Bill and EU plans, the Government will have to take action to cut transport’s carbon emissions. We’re suggesting that action is needed now to cut public transport fares and improve people’s travel choices.”


Tomorrow, Campaign for Better Transport will be highlighting the increasing cost of walk-on rail fares through “Mystic Peg”, a fortune teller showing that not everyone can get the cheap advance tickets.


[1] Carbon Pathways Analysis: Informing Development of a Carbon Reduction Strategy for the Transport Sector and a summary

Wide-ranging public attitudes research was conducted as a part of the progress reports. A summary of ‘A review of public attitudes to climate change and transport‘