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Welcome for Manchester congestion charge

9 June 2008
Campaign for Better Transport [1] today welcomed the Government's support for the Manchester congestion charging scheme [2], and urged local politicians and business leaders to face down the ill-informed and negative opposition. Executive Director Stephen Joseph said:

"The opponents of the scheme seem to ignore the fact that Manchester suffers from congestion now and this is likely to get worse, with real impacts on people and businesses. They have produced no positive ideas for tackling this congestion or for financing the extra public transport that is needed to give people real alternatives to driving. With the Netherlands, France and many of Britain's other European neighbours turning to road charging to tackle traffic congestion, the UK risks condemning itself to gridlock unless it takes radical action to manage traffic and improve alternatives to the car."


Notes for editors

[1] Campaign for Better Transport works to secure transport policies and programmes that improve people's quality of life whilst reducing environmental impact.

[2] http://nds.coi.gov.uk/environment/fullDetail.asp?ReleaseID=370004&NewsAreaID=2