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1,000 carriages: good start but not enough

14 March 2007
Buying new train carriages will help some people, but on its own is not the solution to rail overcrowding, Transport 2000 said today in reaction to the Government`s announcment it will pay for 1,000 new carriages to be built by 2014, representing 10% of the fleet.

The Government needs to do more to ensure the railways provide people with a reasonably priced, high quality service.

Julia Thomas, public transport campaigner, said "Even with the new carriages, there will still be overcrowding by 2014 and it will be worse than it is now."

Transport 2000 demands that the Government take effective action through the High Level Output Specification and through the 30 year rail plan to increase capacity and expand the rail network.

Transport 2000 has been calling for more capacity on the railways since it launched its Growing the Railways Campaign in 2005. As part of the campaign, Sardine Man will be travelling around the country, starting 26 March, to highlight some of the UK`s most overcrowded lines.