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Hard shoulder trials work for environment and motorist

4 March 2008
Reacting to the announcement today by transport secretary Ruth Kelly [1] about hard shoulder running, Campaign for Better Transport's [2] roads and climate campaigner Rebecca Lush Blum said:

"We welcome opening up hard shoulder running lanes instead of widening motorways, an expensive, destructive act which encourages more traffic. The new lanes will provide the opportunity to reward those who choose green alternatives by creating a dedicated car-sharing lane. However, speed limits must be set to 50mph to tackle climate change and increase safety. This must be the first stage in a national road-pricing system, essential for tackling national traffic growth and increasing peoples’ travel choices.”

Notes to editors

[1] Ruth Kelly made the statement on ‘Tackling congestion on our roads’ today. http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roads/roadcongestion/ 

[2] Campaign for Better Transport is the new name of Transport 2000, which has been securing better transport policy and programmes since 1973.

[3] Campaign for Better Transport has been advising the Government on Active Traffic Management (ATM - hard shoulder running), and has a place on the Government's advisory panel during the feasibility study for ATM.  The Campaign for Better Transport submission to the feasibility study can be viewed here: http://www.bettertransport.org.uk/system/files/Active_Traffic_Management_study_submission.pdf