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Local Transport Bill: not enough to tackle transport crisis, says Transport 2000

22 May 2007
The campaign group Transport 2000 says that the Government’s draft Local Transport Bill, published today, is a move in the right direction but does not go far enough to stop growing road traffic and give people real transport choices to tackle climate change.

Jason Torrance, Transport 2000’s campaigns director, says:

"Road pricing and better buses are the right way to go, but this bill doesn’t get us there fast enough. We support more local road pricing trials, but we also need clear directions towards a national scheme with money going to improved alternatives. Stronger national regulation is needed to improve and expand bus services. Too many areas are seeing fares increases and cuts in buses, especially in evenings and at weekends – with consequent social exclusion. Minimum standards of bus service must be set and enforced by a proper bus regulator, together with a reform of the competition acts, which are currently preventing many improvements."

He concludes: "The bill offers piecemeal improvement over the long term; we need action now."

Notes to editors

Transport 2000 is an independent campaigning and research body that represents the key transport interests of around 40 environmental groups, transport organisations and transport unions. We bring together people who seek to reduce the environmental and social effects of transport through encouraging less use of cars, lorries and planes and more use of rail, buses, trams, cycling and walking.

Our media briefing, ‘Time to put a brake on road-pricing inaccuracies’ (February 2007), clears up inaccuracies of opponents to road pricing.