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Planning Bill: Reaction from the Campaign for Better Transport

27 November 2007
The Campaign for Better Transport reacted with dismay to Government plans for making it easier to build major infrastructure projects published in the Planning Reform Bill today.

Jason Torrance, Campaigns Director, said:

"The Government has thumbed its nose at deep concerns raised over the Planning White Paper, including those from lawyers and former planning Ministers, as well as those representing community groups. This is all about Gordon Brown wanting to bulldoze through a third Heathrow runway, build more roads and construct a new generation of coal and nuclear power plants. Airport expansion and motorway widening will significantly increase CO2 and are diametrically opposed to Brown’s intention to look at tightening up the UK’s target for cutting carbon dioxide emissions from 60 to 80 per cent by 2050." 

He continued:

"The Government will put itself on a collision course with local communities, who may be left with no option but to resort to peaceful direct action, if it pushes through projects that threaten people’s environment and quality of life in the interests of economic development."