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Reaction to draft eco-towns policy statement

4 November 2008
Reacting to the Government’s draft eco-towns planning policy statement [1], Campaign for Better Transport welcomed the commitment to at least 50% non-car travel, but warned that the commitment would be undermined if the Government did not ensure that the towns had high quality public transport and good local services provided from Day 1. Campaigns Director Jason Torrance said:

"Eco-towns won’t be the low-carbon exemplars the Government wants without a radical shift away from traditional transport planning. Our own research shows that we need high quality public transport from day one and good local services and employment so that people can choose to live in eco-developments without having to own a car. The policy statement recognises this but the Government has not spelt out how it proposes to deliver these or how it will get all Government departments and transport authorities to co-operate. Without this co-operation, we will end up with car-dependent developments that will undermine the eco-towns ethos".

Notes to editors

The Government published the draft planning policy statement today.