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Transport Secretary's comments must lead to fares rethink

13 September 2011
Responding to Secretary of State Philip Hammond’s comments on rail fares at the Transport Select Committee, Campaign for Better Transport's chief executive Stephen Joseph said:

“Philip Hammond’s description of rail fares as “eye-watering” must lead the minister to reconsider the steep fare rises currently planned by Government. Far from being simply “a rich man’s toy” trains are also vital for many of those on more moderate incomes who need to get to work, and the Government will price many off the railways if it carries on with its plan to increase rail fares at three per cent above inflation over the next few years. Instead, the Transport Secretary’s promised fare review must deliver simpler, fairer and affordable rail fares.

"Rail delivers big benefits for communities, the economy and the environment. It makes no sense to be penalise passengers for taking the greener choice."