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Minsters Rail Campaign

Area: East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire
Interests: Rail

The aim of the campaign is to restore the railway line between Beverley and York to the UK railway network with new stations at Stamford Bridge, Pocklington and Market Weighton. 

Contact: Peter Hemmerman
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Tel: 07973 963089
Minsters Rail Campaign website

Map of proposed lineOn 29th November 1965, the historic Beverley to York railway line was closed as part of Dr Beeching's programme of cuts. Market Weighton, Pocklington and Stamford Bridge and many other small settlements suddenly found themselves marooned.

Since then the towns and villages have grown and expanded. Road traffic into York and Hull has increased exponentially, as have accidents, pollution and congestion.

The Minsters Rail Campaign was established to promote the case for re-opening the line. A group of local people have come together to make the case for a fast, efficient, affordable and safe transport alternative. A report by internationally respected consultants Carl Bro concluded that the scheme was feasible and supported by sound economic argument.

The Minsters Rail Campaign has mounted a series of initiatives to publicise the scheme, such as the campaign roadshow that collected thousands of signatures of support in 2004. Our intention is to ensure that the aims of the campaign remain in the public eye, keeping up the pressure on the decision makers who can help make it happen.

Latest news

June 2012: The group has launched a petition calling on local councils to commission a study into the feasiblity of reopening the railway between Beverley and York, with stations at Stamford Bridge, Pocklington and Market Weighton. You can sign the petition online here.

December 2011: The group was featured in the East Yorkshire News after revelations that the Government spends ten times more per head of population on transport in London than in Yorkshire. 

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