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Ask your MP to show support for buses

Did you know, buses are the only form of transport for which there's no Government strategy?

Buses are the most used form of public transport with three in every five journeys being made by bus. They are the backbone of local public transport and communities across the country rely on them, yet whilst the Government has long-term strategies for the railways, roads, and walking and cycling, there's no strategy for buses, meaning they're often overlooked. 

A lot of MPs think there should be better support for buses (in fact the Transport Select Committee just called for exactly the sort of strategy we're talking about) so Campaign for Better Transport is asking MPs across the country to support a national bus strategy to protect local services, secure funding, and tackle pollution.  

The more MPs who support a national strategy, the stronger our case will be, so please ask your MP to come along to our event.

Photo: Gillian Lochhead on Flickr