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North East Combined Transport Activists Roundtable (NECTAR)

Area: Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear
Interests: Transport policy

NECTAR, the North East Combined Transport Activists Roundtable, is an open, voluntary, umbrella body, established to provide a forum in which the many organisations with an interest in sustainable transport in all its forms can develop a co-ordinated view on contemporary transport issues. NECTAR provides opportunity for the exchange of news, studies and information.

The NECTAR area of interest covers the North East of England from the North Sea coast to the Pennines and from Scotland to North Yorkshire. NECTAR provides a voice for dialogue with government, transport providers, transport users and similar bodies concerned with transport and related policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Membership of NECTAR is open to organisations which: 

  • Support the use of sustainable transport and sustainable changes to the transport infrastructure
  • Broadly support integrated transport and land use policies which reduce the need to travel
  • Promote better provision for public transport, walking and cycling
  • Seek to minimise any negative environmental or social impacts of transport, whilst maximising accessibility, safety, good health and quality of life for all
  • NECTAR is one of a national network of Transport Activists’ Roundtables working together with the Campaign for Better Transport,  Railfuture and similar national bodies that share the core aim to promote sustainable transport.

NECTAR executive committee members currently include Campaign to Protect Rural England (North East), CTC - the national cycling charity, Durham Coastliners, Friends of the Earth (North of England and Newcastle/Gateshead), Living Streets Tyneside Area, Railfuture northeast, Saltburn Line Rail Users Group, Tyne & Wear Older People’s Transport Forum, Tyne & Wear Public Transport Users Group and the Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership, but all are welcome to participate.

Email NECTAR using the link below if you would like to subscribe to their monthly e-bulletin.

Contact: Nic Best
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Latest news

October 2014: Here is NECTAR's last e-bulletin for the foreseeable future. As a replacement, a NECTAR Facebook Group has been set up.

August 2014: NECTAR's latest e-bulletin is a bumper holiday edition.

June 2014: NECTAR's June newsletter features the group's annual report as well as lots of regional transport news.

May 2014: Find out all the latest transport news from the region in NECTAR's latest e-bulletin.

April 2014: NECTAR's April newsletter looks at proposals for cycling improvements in Gosforth and much more.

March 2014: The process is underway to create a North East combined authority involving Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland. Find out more in NECTAR's March newsletter.

February 2014: The Government has set up a series of consultations on feasibility studies for various road building projects, including the A1 North of Newcastle and the Newcastle-Gateshead A1 Western Bypass. Find out more in the February newsletter.

January 2014: The Government's new National Infrastructure Plan proposes to spend £4,893 per person in London compared to £245 per person in the North East. Find out more in the January newsletter.

December 2013: NECTAR's December newsletter has news about rail franchises, Durham Tees Valley Airport, road building in the North East and much more.

August 2012: The August newsletter looks into how the DfT's High Level Output Specification 2012 could affect rail in the North East.

July 2012: NECTAR's July newsletter is packed with news from the region, including the Newcastle City Deal, a new air service from Newcastle to Dubai, and a consultation on supported bus services.

June 2012: NECTAR members report back from some interesting events, including the 'Devolving Rail to the Regions' conference, in this month's newsletter (PDF, 139K).

May 2012: There's worrying news about Local Enterprise Partnerships in the May newsletter (PDF, 161K).

April 2012: Improved bus regulation and a new car parts factory in the North East are among the news items in NECTAR's April newsletter (PDF, 139K).

March 2012: Recent news and upcoming events can all be found in the March newsletter (PDF, 243K).

February 2012: Transport Minister Norman Baker has visited the North East, and refuted claims that there are massive spending disparities between this region and the South East. Find out more in NECTAR's February newsletter (PDF, 151K).

January 2012: The Department for Transport has approved funding for the Morpeth Northern Bypass and Sunderland Strategic Corridor; find out more in NECTAR's first e-bulletin of 2012 (PDF, 133K).

Extra note for January: Northumberland County Council is consulting on a new Public Transport Strategy. Comments are invited from anyone with an interest in public transport. Find out more here.

December 2011: Plans for the SE Northumberland Link Road have been pared down to exclude supposedly 'non-essential' elements such as a cycle path and landscape protection measures. Find out more in NECTAR's December bulletin (PDF, 155K).

November 2011: Martin Murphy from NECTAR attended the HS2 Ltd Briefing in Leeds; find out what went on at the event and much more in NECTAR's November bulletin (PDF, 224K).

October 2011: This month's information bulletin (PDF, 167K) has all the latest transport news from the region and beyond.

September 2011: NECTAR's latest bulletin (PDF, 138K) has news of rural bus cuts in Northumberland and more.

August 2011: The latest information bulletin (PDF, 121K) has news of the new North Eastern LEP and much more.

July 2011: The main Tyne and Wear bid for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund has been submitted; find out more in the latest information bulletin from NECTAR (PDF, 120K).

June 2011: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 113K) has more information about the Northumberland bid for funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and much more.

May 2011: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 103K) looks at possible bids from the region for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

April 2011: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 105K) includes an update on the region's new Local Enterprise Partnerships.

March 2011: No North East transport schemes had DfT funding confirmed in the January round of local transport schemes, but two were added to the 'development pool' making them eligible to bid for the remaining money. Find out the details in NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 115K)

February 2011: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 131K) is packed with transport news from the region.

January 2011: NECTAR has had a busy month, working on consultation responses. Find out more in the latest information bulletin (PDF, 104K).

December 2010: A report has shown how tackling climate change could benefit the North East. NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 103K) has news of this and more.

November 2010: Newcastle has topped a league table of sustainable cities produced by Forum for the Future. For news of this and much more, read NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 117K).

October 2010: Six of the 56 bids to create Local Enterprise Partnerships came from the North East; find out more in the latest information bulletin (PDF, 121K).

September 2010: The process for producing the Tyne & Wear City Region Transport Strategy 2011-2021 has begun; find out more in NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF, 98K).

August 2010: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF 115K) explains how new Local Enterprise Partnerships will be able to bid into a £1bn Regional Growth Fund to improve local transport.

July 2010: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF 91K) looks at how the Government's spending review could affect transport in the region.

June 2010: The DfT has sent feedback on the unsuccessful Tyne and Wear Sustainable Transport City bid; find out more in NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF 103K). 

May 2010: NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF 127K) has news of the election and much more. 

April 2010: Read NECTAR's latest information bulletin (PDF 153K) which includes news about changes to the East Coast Main Line timetable and much more. 

February 2010:  Read the latest information bulletin (PDF 66KB) which contains upcoming events, regional news, media coverage, recently published documents and consultations and contact information.

January 2010: Read the information bulletin (PDF 74KB)

December 2009: Read the information bulletin (PDF 75 KB)

March 2009: NECTAR has responded to the Government's consultation on Delivering a Sustainable Transport System.

NECTAR's reponse (PDF, 84K)

NECTAR support for the Nexus bid for funding to improve the Tyne & Wear bus corridors had been forwarded by Campaign for Better Transport to the Department for Transport, noting that consultation locally on details of the implementation plan should be required.

NECTAR has received an invitation to contribute to the Conservatives' Northern Transport forum. They have posed the questions: i) What works well in terms of transport provision at the moment and what could be improved? ii) What structural investment would make a real difference to your specific transport needs? iii) What economic benefits would you be able to identify? Please send suggestions for a NECTAR response to Nic Best

NECTAR has submitted a response to the House of Commons Transport Committee's inquiry into aviation.

February 2009: NECTAR has supported a bid from NEXUS for a 'bus corridor improvement scheme' to the DfT. The scheme has been prioritised within the RFA, and the estimated cost is £17.2m, with DfT contribution of £15.5m being sought. Nexus hope that the seven bus corridor improvements (details available) will 'help to provide a more efficient, reliable and attractive public transport system helping to cut congestion along key regional corridors'.

NECTAR has submitted a response to the House of Commons Transport Committee Inquiry into the major road network. Our broad theme is that a road network is needed but its purpose and use must be considered in the context of the range of possible transport modes and relative carbon emissions.

January 2009: NECTAR is meeting with the Tyne & Wear City Region Interim Executive Board in January as part of the second stage of the review of Transport Governance. To see papers in advance of this meeting or to make comments, please contact NECTAR.

Peter Walker is drafting a NECTAR submission to the HoC Transport Committee Inquiry into the Major Road Network. Please contact NECTAR for further information or to contribute comments.

November 2008: NECTAR has responded to the Tyne & Wear Transport Governance Review. You can read the response on NECTAR's website. NECTAR's response says the review outcomes should be:

  • Coherent transport leadership for the city region and its sphere of influence
  • 'Better strategic decision making' that doesn't exist in a vacuum; the purpose should be stated and agreed, such as better health, fairer health
  • An ambition to develop a major increase in passenger journey share made by walking, cycling, bus, local rail and Metro
  • A vision of walking, cycling, bus, local rail and Metro becoming modes of choice across the City Region

NECTAR's summary of the Strategic Transport Challenges facing the region has been well-received by members of the Regional Transport Board, and by officers at ANEC. You can read the summary on NECTAR's website. It has three overarching principles:

  • Transport policy must look to the future and not reinforce the past
  • Solutions developed must be sustainable, as assessed by the Integrated Regional Framework
  • The primary purpose of the North East economy should be to improve the health and well-being of its population; transport solutions must support that purpose