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Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Space for Cycling event, Newcastle

Area: Tyne and Wear
Interests: Cycling

Newcycling (Newcastle Cycling Campaign) is a constituted community group with more than 1,500 members lobbying for better and safer cycling conditions in and around Newcastle. We provide one independent voice for local people and cycling organisations, for people who already cycle and people who would like to use their bike more.

We meet regularly. Please check our website for more info.

The photo above shows a Space for Cycling event in Newcastle (courtesy of vofski2007 on Flickr).

Contact: Katja Leyendecker
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Latest news

Newcycling works with decision-makers to make Newcastle a modern liveable city that puts people at its heart and can be enjoyed on foot and by bike. Find out how to join.

March 2018: As the winter snow will now hopefully be giving way to spring, we are looking forward to our AGM later this month to kick off another successful season of NewCycling. Also in our newsletter this month, our #city4kids series continues with Beauty and the Bike and why British teenage girls stop cycling; the launch of a new group campaigning in Heaton; and also an update on the future of bikes on Metro, including the trial expansion's recently advertised by NEXUS. 

February 2018: Happy New Year to all our members, and we hope 2018 is getting off to a cracking start for everyone. We kick off our February newsletter with Katja's Annual Address, asking our politicians to pledge their support for #City4Kids. We also have a new campaign video, and we hear from our patron – Christian Wolmar – about the new push for Labour to adopt pro-cycling policies both locally and nationally.

December 2017: Our first newsletter of the winter, and we've still action aplenty going on for the campaign. Under the banner of our new #city4kids initiative, we have an article from one of our members about the school run on Newcastle's streets; our response to the consultation for the Streets For People schemes; comments from the council on the Bike Life Report 2017; and our response to the government's Transport Accessibility Action Plan. Best wishes from all at NewCycling for a Happy Christmas and an enjoyable festive season, and we'll be back again in the New Year.

November 2017: First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who donated via the 'Grow Your Tenner' campaign; we raised more than £400 from donations, as well as getting lots of new monthly direct debits set up! The match-funding scheme is now officially closed, as it ran out very quickly compared to previous years. In other news, we have plenty of action going on connected to #City4Kids: our first member's story, how to design an inclusive cycling network, and we report back on Newcastle's first Kidical Mass ride. Also, plans for our talk in December from Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport and influential cycling campaigner, are now finalised; details of all these items are in the November newsletter.

October 2017: This month we are launching City4Kids, an initiative to improve Newcastle’s future; our annual call for donations during the 'Grow Your Tenner' campaign; and we respond to the Highways England consultation about the A1. See the October newsletter for more on all of these. Also, during December, we are planning a talk from Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster and influential cycling campaigner. More will be announced very soon.

September 2017: As we leave the summer weather and holidays behind and head on into autumn, work and campaigning at NewCycling steps up a gear and gets back to normal. In the September newsletter you can read about our input into the North East Cycling & Walking Strategy, as well as how near misses recorded on head-cam footage show that it isn't bad driving to blame, but the real reasons behind these close encounters.

March 2017: In this month's newsletter find out about our AGM on April 1st. Our guest speaker is Chi Onwurah MP, and we have a full programme, including a workshop about planning our cycling network. All members are welcome, so please come along and help us shape our plans for the future. We also have one article this month: our message to Newcastle City Council about building on Newcastle's strong heritage and history, and planning and designing a good quality cycle network for the future of the city.

February 2017: To kick off the year, we have a date set for the 2017 AGM on April 1st, see the latest newsletter for more details and hopefully we'll see lots of you there. The newsletter also has a New Year message from campaign chair, Katja; our response to Newcastle City Council's budget for 2017-18; and a report from the Space for Cycling event in Durham, where Peter and Claire did presentations.

December 2016: We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who donated with Grow Your Tenner: we raised over £1,400 and gained four new direct debit donors... a new record! Also in our newsletter this month, we have reports of the social value of cycling in Africa from Chi Onwurah MP and how development plans in London offer an insight into what we can do in the UK; our position on Brandling Park and the Blue House Roundabout; our response to the national 'Urban Congestion Inquiry'; a video appearance about the need for more cycle lanes in Newcastle city centre and more details of Katja's recent speech to the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group.

November 2016: A busy month this last month, with loads going on: NewCycling joined forces with North Tyneside Cycling Campaign to ask local authorities for more investment in local sustainable transport's infrastructure; you can have your say in the Nexus consultation about the new metro fleet; read our opinions on road safety in the lead up to Road Safety Week; YouReporters Koko and Katja write on the differences in cycling in Newcastle compared to Rotterdam and Bremen; and the campaign urges Newcastle City Council to make more of an effort with sustainable transport policies for Science Central. Find out all about it in our newsletter.

October 2016: Once again, it's the time of year to kick off our campaign for your donations, as Grow Your Tenner returns for 2016. Also in this month's newsletter we hear from NewCycling patron, Christian Wolmar, as he writes an open letter to Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council, about building cycling into the city's infrastructure; ask the council to deliver on their promise to create 'a better future city'; and we hear about Sally Watson's participation in the Cycling & Society Symposium on behalf of NewCycling. 

September 2016: This month's newsletter is a special "No to The Northern Access Corridor" edition, where we examine the Local Plan in detail; report on the backlash to the proposed plans; gain press coverage for the issue; and send a press release of our opinions on the matter to those in power at Newcastle City Council. We will be keeping a close eye on the next phases of development, in particular with the Council pressing on with the Haddrick's Mill plan.

In addition, campaign chair, Katja Leyendecker writes of her experience as a cycle campaigner for the Cycling Industry News website.

August 2016: Your help is urgently needed! Newcastle council have released monstrous motorway plans in the heart of Newcastle, unnecessarily obliterating half of Dukes Moor and Little Moor in the wake. Council's consideration for walking and cycling in the plans is entirely tokenistic, so much so that we cannot do anything else but call the plans a giant greenwash. Please let council know how you feel about this scheme by 21 August 2016 and what it would mean for your life and wellbeing if more motor traffic would go through our neighbourhoods. Find out more in our latest newsletter.

July 2016: Here is the latest newsletter from Newcastle Cycling Campaign. Summer is here! Well, most days anyway. And we have the second report from our AGM featuring Cllr Ged Bell from Newcastle City Council and Paul Gasson from Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign. In addition, we have responses from the campaign on the Callerton Masterplan and the lack of provision of cycling infrastructure for the developments; plus to the technical consultation for the Heaton Road Area, including what the campaign supports and our areas of concern. Keep on pedalling!

June 2016: This month, Newcycling is still building on everything that was discussed and decided at the AGM, and planning our moves forward, while in our June newsletter we talk about how the political parties differ in their plans for cycling; we send a letter to Robert Goodwill MP, minister for cycling about overcoming barriers to women cycling; and there are discussions of budget, transport and equality, and how Newcastle can become the Cycle City it aims to be.

May 2016: The NewCycling AGM 2016 was a buzzing success. Read about it in NewCycling's May newsletter, including the launch of the draft campaign plan for 2016-17, building on our transport transition message and aiming to put cycling back on the map!

In other news, we talk about our response to the Department of Transport in relation to the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy; the position of the Green, Labour and Lib Dem parties, regarding cycling, in the lead-up to the local elections; and information about the Women & Cycling Conference, where our chair was a speaker.

April 2016: In this month's newsletter, we talk about our responses to the consultation for changes on Great North Road between Broadway and Brunton Lane and to Cllr Nick Forbes about the NECA transport manifesto; our views on the historic bikes on Metro trial from Nexus; and a YouReport piece on Newcastle from visiting Dutch Urban Studies student, Koko Herder.

March 2016: Now spring is just around the corner, campaign action for the year will really be stepping up a gear. In this month's newsletter, we also have our conclusion on plans for the Haddrick's Mill area; an action request for members to fill in the survey about the North East Combined Authority's transport manifesto; sharing our campaigning experiences with others; our reply to Newcastle City Council's budget; and local charity and campaign partner Recyke Y'Bike is looking to recruit.

February 2016: There is a preliminary consultation on the future of transport in the North East. Please reply to it and mention the construction of a good quality cycle network and the six principles of Space for Cycling as much as you can. Thank you.

February 2016: In this month's newsletter we keep at Newcastle Council's Chief Executive to inform her of what we have found out in our five years of the campaign's existence, and what we now must see happen in Newcastle. We also survey our councillors to discuss priorities for space for cycling; send a reply to the council about proposals for Broadway to Brunton Lane; and report back from our attendance at Edinburgh's Festival of Cycling.

December 2015: Here is the December newsletter from Newcastle Cycling Campaign. It has a round-up of current activity for the campaign, including our communications with Newcastle City Council about the price we pay for our transport system, our reply to the plan for north of the city centre and designation of roads in the Haddrick’s Mill area; questions we have about the Cycle City Ambition Fund; and a talk by our secretary, Claire Prospert, about our first five years of campaigning. 

November 2015: In this month's newsletter we have replies to infrastructure plans from Newcastle City Council and the Inquiry on road traffic law enforcement from the Transport Select Committee; an article on cycling and economic accountability; more warm words of support for cycling from Cllr Ged Bell; and reports of Newcycling featuring in the local and national press.

October 2015: Grow Your Tenner! Don't miss a great opportunity to support the Campaign: donations up to £10 get doubled by LocalGiving until 18 November 2015! Please donate online here or read more.

October 2015: Newcastle Cycling Campaign is five years old! Find out what it's achieved - and find out about plans for Haddricks Mill and Great North Road - in the group's latest newsletter.

September 2015: In this month's newsletter we look into and assess plans for Elswick Road and Haddricks Mill, review the Clayton Street contraflow, and investigate how connected Newcastle is when it comes to transport matters.

August 2015: What's it like to cycle to school in Newcastle? Find out about this and much more in Newcastle Cycling Campaign's August newsletter.

July 2015: "As summer is starting to hot up, so too are the cycling infrastructure development plans in Newcastle" - find out more in Newcastle Cycling Campaign's July newsletter.

June 2015: We're launching a new-style members meeting to get people engaged with what we're doing. We've teamed up with the Cycle Hub, Sustrans, the CTC and Recyke Y' Bike to organise a big get-together at the fab Cycle Hub. Please come along! Find out more in our June newsletter.

May 2015: In Newcycling's latest newsletter you will find news of the group's recent AGM and upcoming events.

For more news, visit our website, latch on to our Twitter account or join us on Facebook.