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  • The way forward is public transport

    This is a critical moment for our transport system. Will we slip into a future of ever-rising car use? Or can we build a brighter transport future?

    Our new The Way Forward campaign calls on the Government to invest in public transport and encourage people back on board.

  • Just 39% of workers plan to travel in to their workplace every day

    Will the new flexible season tickets help get the growing army of part-time commuters back on board?

    Find out what we think in this new blog from Norman Baker.



rail passengers buying tickets from a machine
Norman Baker's picture
Norman Baker
22 Jun 2021

We’ve all been waiting on the platform for ages – years in fact – for the arrival of flexi-tickets. They finally turned up this week, much delayed but at least not cancelled.



"A flexible approach to season tickets will be essential in 2021 and beyond. If it's not offered then I won't be returning to the office." That’s what commuter James told us about how his travel... Read more

Paul Tuohy's picture
Paul Tuohy


Photo: man on bus
30 Jul 2021

A guest blog by Sarah Welfare, Head of Policy and Research at Reed in Partnership.

"While many people have been able to do their jobs from... Read more



After years of campaigning, we finally saw the fruits of our labours on Monday when the Government published the long-awaited National Bus Strategy for England.

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Silviya Barrett

Air quality

Low Emission Zone sign
Alice Ridley's picture
Alice Ridley
17 Jun 2021

The UK Government and the World Health Organisation now recognise... Read more



Never put off to tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow. That seems to be the mantra of Treasury ministers who know that road pricing is inevitable but are trapped like rabbits... Read more

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Norman Baker

Sustainable Transport

Cycling family
Silviya Barrett's picture
Silviya Barrett
16 Jul 2021

This week (14 July) the Government published its long-overdue... Read more

Better Transport


24 June 2021

Reacting to the Climate Change Committee's annual assessment of UK progress in reducing emissions, Silviya Barrett, Head of Policy at Campaign for Better... Read more

Our vision

Campaign for Better Transport's vision is for all communities to have access to high quality, sustainable transport that meets their needs, improves quality of life and protects the environment.