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Transport cuts will hurt communities and safety

10 June 2010
Transport cuts will hurt communities and safety, says Campaign for Better Transport 

Responding to today's announcement of the cuts to local authority funding, Campaign for Better Transport Executive Director Stephen Joseph said:

"There was always the danger that rushing to cut spending for this financial year would lead to cuts that were easy rather than cuts that are right. The cuts to the integrated transport block, to road safety and to Kickstart bus funding, and the standstill on all other local transport schemes, will hit communities and safety. They will lead to false economies and will mean higher costs in the next few years when we have to repair the damage caused.”

"The spending review over the summer needs to make sure that it doesn't go down the same route and just cut the easy things rather than prioritising funding on investment that meets our long term needs, particularly the need to reduce carbon emissions and keep within carbon as well as financial budgets."



Campaign for Better Transport will be producing its own transport budget proposals next week.