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Northern Rail ticket increases 'counterproductive and unfair'

12 August 2014
Campaign for Better Transport has responded to the decision by Northern Rail to introduce new peak fares in the evening rush hour on key routes.

James MacColl, Campaigns Director, Campaign for Better Transport said

"Introducing evening peak-time fares on Northern Rail is counterproductive and unfair. Given the crowded and decrepit state of some of the trains, the focus from Government and Northern Rail should be on investment and attracting more passengers, not hitting existing train users with fare hikes."

James MacColl, continued

"Passengers will be asking themselves if this price increase is a sign of things to come. The north of England needs fast, high capacity and high quality rail connections. Our Right Track North campaign is pushing for the investment to make this a reality, rather than price hikes that discourage rail travel."


1. On 11 August, Northern Rail announced it is introducing new evening peak-time fares on key routes from 8 September.

2. The Department for Transport is consulting on new franchises for Northern Rail and Trans Pennine Express, due to begin in February 2016.

3. Campaign for Better Transport's Right Track North campaign is campaigning for fast, high capacity and high quality rail connections for northern England.

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