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Part-time season tickets: help us make your case

At the moment, part-time workers who commute by train must either buy a season ticket and lose money on the days they don't use it, or buy individual peak-time tickets. Part timers are losing hundreds of pounds a year.

We're calling on the Government to introduce part-time season tickets, and we've had some success. Train company c2c has now introduced the UK's first flexi-season ticket (although the saving is only 5%, a quarter of the saving that full-time season ticket holders get).

And the Government has issued the first franchise requirements which, while stopping short of equal season ticket discounts, include a better deal for part time commuters.

But this isn’t enough. We're campaigning for part time and flexible workers to have fair discounts on their travel, equivalent to full-time commuters.

Are you a part-time worker? Would you use a part-time season ticket if they were available? Please tell us what you think using the form below - it will really help our campaign if we have as many real-life examples as possible. Thank you.

"I commute three times a week and work from home the other two. At present I overpay for a season ticket I don't use 40% of the time. Rail providers need to get with the times" - Hugh S.    

"I need to start working part-time so that I can be more support for my 92-year-old mother. The drop in salary will be enough of a blow, but if this could be eased by a season ticket for part-time workers this would help me so much" - A.G.

"I work part-time due to childcare responsibilities. I want to be with my children after school a couple of days a week. Despite this I have to buy a 5-day ticket" - Anabel Johnson.

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