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Protect Our Woodland

Area: West Sussex
Interests: Road building

Protect Our Woodland has been fighting plans to widen and straighten an ancient lane, part of a droveway dating back thousands of years.

The road would serve as access to a £3 billion housing development and Tesco shopping complex planned for a 140 acre Green Field site near Worthing in West Sussex. If approved, one of the last remaining ancient woodlands in the South of England will also be seriously affected.

Having lost faith in the planning process the group set up a treetop protest camp.

Protect Our Woodland website

Latest news

January 2014: The Titnore Lane / ancient woodland campaign is now over with a win-some-lose-some result. The camp has been removed and the woods are as they were before we camped there. The lane and woodland were saved but the developers were granted permission to build on the 100 or so acres of greenbelt that separated the woods from the urban sprawl. No houses have been built yet despite approval over two years ago but a massive Tesco Extra was thrown up.

January 2008: For a second Christmas, ancient Titnore Lane and its woods have been protected from the developers' chainsaws by a group of well-dug-in, fearless ecowarriors... despite all that the elements can throw at them!

Support for the campaign has come from far and near - people even came to the camp on Christmas Day to bring goodies. The developers seem worried - why else would they have delayed for so long activating the High Court judgement for eviction that they obtained in July 2006?