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Protect Rural Ormskirk

Area: Lancashire
Interests: Road building

Protect Rural Ormskirk is a group working in the interests of the people of Ormskirk and the surrounding area, to put forward  alternatives to the current bypass proposals which we do not consider will provide the best solution.

We are deeply concerned about the Ormskirk Bypass because:

It will not solve our transport and economic problems

  • The road will not effectively address local traffic congestion, which is mainly caused by internal traffic and inefficient traffic flow management
  • The proposed road would at best lead only to a reduction in peak time congestion in its opening year
  • The extra road space will quickly fill up. Traffic in the UK is growing by 1.7% per year, and it is well known that new roads generate additional traffic. So in only a few years we will be back to square one, with even more congestion and pollution

The road is destructive and damaging

  • Many protected species such as bats and owls live along the proposed route, the bypass would have a detrimental impact on our wildlife
  • The land along the route will be a target for future infill development such as petrol stations, warehouses and superstores
  • Many hedgerows and veteran trees will be destroyed

There are better and cheaper solutions to the transport problems in Ormskirk

  • Most of the car journeys in Ormskirk are local i.e. not through-traffic. We should concentrate on encouraging as many as possible of these short journeys to switch from cars to foot, bike, bus or train, drawing upon best practice from other towns
  • We advocate better quality bus and train services, cycle ways and improved routes and information for pedestrians
  • We also advocate the use of intelligent traffic light systems and more efficient traffic flow management
  • Travel plans for schools and businesses must be implemented to encourage people to reduce unnecessary car use and consider alternative ways to travel
  • Road building is extremely expensive. The Ormskirk bypass would cost more than £37million

Meetings are held monthly in Westhead Village Hall, with PRO committee meetings held the week previously and more frequently as necessary.
To contact us, please write to PRO, PO Box 250, Ormskirk, L40 5WA