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Roads to Nowhere

Which main roads need a green retrofit?

Highways England is supposed to be spending more than £500 million to reduce the environmental impact of main roads but progress is painfully slow.

Use your local knowledge and our new map to help us send them a plan!


Use our map to help us plan a better green retrofit

Our new interactive map lets you explore the many sensitive environmental sites, wildlife areas and landscapes, as well as threats like noise and air pollution, and how they relate to the network of motorways and major A roads in England.

Roads and the environment map - screenshot

Explore the map here - zoom into your local area and see which main roads near you are most in need of new green bridges and wildlife-rich areas, cycle and pedestrian crossings, noise barriers and measures to reduce air pollution, such as lower speed limits.

Read more about the possibilities of a green retrofit in our report. These proposals were put together by us and 13 other organisations in 2014, and we scored a major success when plans for more than £500 million in dedicated retrofit funds were added to the Road Investment Strategy last December.

Hovenring cycle bridge in the Netherlands, photo by Environment Blog on FlickrBut since then, Highways England has made almost no progress in planning for a green retrofit or spending the funds.

So, alongside the Wildlife Trusts, we'll be making our own proposals for how to spend the money soon.

And we need your help. Your local knowledge could make all the difference to finding the right places for the first green retrofit projects.

Help us today by taking a look at the map here, seeing which main roads near you provide the biggest barriers to wildlife and people and most need the help that green bridges, cycle and walking crossings and other measures could provide.

Fill in the form below to tell us your ideas for where we should propose the money goes first.