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Our guide for road campaigners

Download our 2016 guide for road campaigners. Find out how to set up a campaign, get expert help, raise funds, deal with the press, and the best arguments to use to convince the decision-makers to change their plans.

Who is the guide for?

If you think a new or bigger road in your local area is a bad idea and want to stop it, this guide from Campaign for Better Transport will help to show what you can do.

It gives advice on campaigning from the first steps of gathering information to the tactics to use as your influence grows. You might already be part of a group representing local residents, a local branch of a larger campaigning organisation, or a small group of concerned people without any campaigning experience. Whatever your situation, this guide aims to help you set up a campaign against the road plans and find new allies and inspiration.

Our guide on the experience of people who've been campaigning for more than 20 years, along with ideas from more recent campaign groups, such as the Combe Haven Defenders in Hastings and the No Silvertown Tunnel campaign in London. 

Download the guide (pdf)

Includes chapters on:

  • Understanding your targets
  • Making a plan
  • Setting up a campaign group
  • Raising funds
  • Getting expert help
  • Launching your campaign and recruiting support
  • Linking up with other road campaigns
  • Learning from past successes
  • Tackling the issues and promoting alternatives

Plus links to a wide range of useful resources from Campaign for Better Transport and other organisations.

Download the guide (pdf, 4MB)