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Save Our 6-7 Buses

Photo: Protest in Bath

Area: Somerset
Interests: Bus

Save Our 6-7 Buses is a vigourous campaign started in May 2010 to reinstate our route which had been suddenly cut in two, dividing the community.

Although First responded to the organised outcry by giving us back the original route, they did not replace two of the buses they removed at that time. This has left the community with only half the previous frequency in a densely populated, hilly area with many elderly people, schools, shops, GP surgeries and other essential services. Each of these sectors is being adversely affected by the deteriorating bus service.

We welcome new supporters to improve the reduced frequency, now 40 minutes with a confusing timetable, to at least 30 minutes.

At a time when public transport should be a priority to protect the planet, our area, like so many, is being threatened with public transport cuts. Our local campaign has joined with others in Bath to form the new Bath Bus Users Group to lobby and represent the passenger.

Contact: Lin Patterson
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Tel: 01225 311163
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