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Bus cuts consultation: example response

Is your local authority proposing to cut local bus services? The consultation stage is a chance to tell them how valuable buses are to you and your community. 


Below is the introduction to a consultation response by campaigners fighting to save their local bus services. We thought you might find it useful if you're planning your own.

You can download the complete response in the PDF at the foot of this page. 


Dear Sir/Madam

Campaign XXXX campaigns for sustainable transport and a less car dependent society to achieve gains in environmental quality, public health, land use planning and for local economies. Members object to the proposals outlined by the County Council in respect of the network of supported services for reasons given below.


A comprehensive public transport network is the mark of a civilised, socially equitable and sustainable society. It is therefore of interest to all, not just service users, and not just now, but for future generations. Through its design, the consultation document is unlikely to capture views of those other than those who use the buses.

Travelling on the buses under threat, it is clear from comments and observation that significant numbers of users would be unable to understand, or would be afraid of, a document of this size and complexity. They would also be less likely to have access to online facilities.

A ‘managed decline’ of bus services against current constant pressure for and provision of new roads would clearly lead away from a low carbon alternative and towards a mode shift to private motorised transport, hastening decline still further. This constitutes ‘negative marketing’ because it creates a climate of diminishing expectations of what the bus service can - and will in future - offer. It also appears to contradict those many County Council policy objectives described in the Local Transport Plan aimed at reducing dependency on the car for multiple reasons.

For those without access to a car, or who choose not to own one, or who cannot drive or afford a car, a bus service is key to a decent quality of life: with fewer buses, or none whatsoever, journeys may not be made at all.


Download the full bus cuts consultation response below.