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Towy Bypass Action Group (TBAG)

Area: Wales
Interests: Road building

Formed in 2006, TBAG is a group of local residents that is opposed to the Welsh Assembly’s proposed route for the Llandeilo and Ffairfach, Carmarthenshire bypass.

We believe that the proposed route will transfer the traffic problems that currently exist in the two town centres to the outskirts of the towns. The new route will be more dangerous due to higher speed limits. It will also be louder and produce more pollution. The new route crosses the Towy valley floodplain adjacent to Ffairfach which we believe will aggravate an already serious flood problem. The proposed 5 metre high embankment and bridge cuts straight across one of Wales's most photographed and painted views, consisting of: Capability Brown parkland, the largest single span stone bridge in Wales, and the hilltop town of Llandeilo. This view has been sketched by Turner, and appears on the cover of the local and county council websites.

The new fast bypass will slice between the two towns, forcing approx 400 schoolchildren to cross it everyday.

We have organised a petition against the route, promoted our case in the local press and met with our assembly member.

The group meets every six weeks in the Llandeilo Civic Hall.

Contact: Simon Jones
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